About Pattern-Graphix

About Pattern-Graphix

Would you like to improve the effectiveness of your trading on the forex market? One of the ways to achieve this aim is to follow the key patterns on the charts. These patterns help traders not only to avoid losses but also to increase their profits due to a better comprehension of the market movement.

Pattern Graphix automatically indicates graphical patterns of technical analysis in the MetaTrader4 trading platform which makes it the best assistant for every trader. It operates in a real time mode allowing traders to catch every pattern signaling about a possible market movement.


Our indicator of graphical patterns is very easy to use: traders receive visual signals immediately after a graphical pattern is formed, also a notification is displayed as a pop-up alert. If a computer is not at hand, notifications will be sent to email or smartphone.

Moreover, users can customize the indicator. Advanced settings allow one to select trading instruments, time frames, and types of analysis for which the notifications will pop up.

With a help of Pattern Graphix, traders can analyze various trading charts more accurately and determine best points to enter and leave the market. Also, our plug-in helps market participants to decide on the frequency of deal openings.

Pattern Graphix really makes trading more profitable for our software users. Keep up with the forex market innovations and be sure to check out Pattern Graphix, a robust personal trading assistant.

Examples of Pattern Graphix advices: